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Dynamic Reconfiguration SF E25K

Verificar ACL del Dominio
sms-svc> showplatform -p available -d A
sms-svc> setupplatform -p available -d A SBX IOX

Agregar un Tag al Dominio
sms-svc> addtag -d A TESTX
sms-svc> showplatform -p domains

Verificar Tarjetas Disponibles
sms-svc> showboards | grep -v Empty

Desde la System Controller

addboard -d A -c assign    SBX
addboard -d A -c connect   SBX
addboard -d A -c configure SBX

deleteboard -c unconfigure SBX
deleteboard -c disconnect  SBX
deleteboard -c unassign    SBX

moveboard -d A -c configure SBX

Desde el dominio (como root)

cfgadm -x assign    SBX
cfgadm -c connect   SBX
cfgadm -c configure SBX

cfgadm -c unconfigure SBX
cfgadm -c disconnect  SBX
cfgadm -x unassign    SBX

Desde la System Controller

rcfgadm -d A -x assign    SBX
rcfgadm -d A -c connect   SBX
rcfgadm -d A -c configure SBX

rcfgadm -d A -c unconfigure SBX
rcfgadm -d A -c disconnect  SBX
rcfgadm -d A -x unassign    SBX

Verificar o Configurar parametros de Arranque del Sistema
sms-svc> showobpparams -d A
sms-svc> setobpparams -d A 'auto-boot?=true'

Verificar el componente asignado al Dominio SB7
scmain:sms-svc:24> showboards
Retrieving board information. Please wait.
Location Pwr Type of Board Board Status Test Status Domain
-------- --- ------------- ------------ ----------- ------
SB0 On CPU Active Passed domain-test
SB1 On CPU Active Passed domain-test
SB7 On CPU Active Passed domain-test

Note: Detach a SB in active environment. Boot the domain to Solaris or setkeyswitch to standby or off to unconfigure the board.


Random TIPS

Editing PS1 variables in .profile with sh

PS1="$LOGNAME@`hostname` $ " export PS1

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