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Dynamic Reconfiguration SF E25K

Verificar ACL del Dominio
sms-svc> showplatform -p available -d A
sms-svc> setupplatform -p available -d A SBX IOX

Agregar un Tag al Dominio
sms-svc> addtag -d A TESTX
sms-svc> showplatform -p domains

Verificar Tarjetas Disponibles
sms-svc> showboards | grep -v Empty

Desde la System Controller

addboard -d A -c assign    SBX
addboard -d A -c connect   SBX
addboard -d A -c configure SBX

deleteboard -c unconfigure SBX
deleteboard -c disconnect  SBX
deleteboard -c unassign    SBX

moveboard -d A -c configure SBX

Desde el dominio (como root)

cfgadm -x assign    SBX
cfgadm -c connect   SBX
cfgadm -c configure SBX

cfgadm -c unconfigure SBX
cfgadm -c disconnect  SBX
cfgadm -x unassign    SBX

Desde la System Controller

rcfgadm -d A -x assign    SBX
rcfgadm -d A -c connect   SBX
rcfgadm -d A -c configure SBX

rcfgadm -d A -c unconfigure SBX
rcfgadm -d A -c disconnect  SBX
rcfgadm -d A -x unassign    SBX

Verificar o Configurar parametros de Arranque del Sistema
sms-svc> showobpparams -d A
sms-svc> setobpparams -d A 'auto-boot?=true'

Verificar el componente asignado al Dominio SB7
scmain:sms-svc:24> showboards
Retrieving board information. Please wait.
Location Pwr Type of Board Board Status Test Status Domain
-------- --- ------------- ------------ ----------- ------
SB0 On CPU Active Passed domain-test
SB1 On CPU Active Passed domain-test
SB7 On CPU Active Passed domain-test

Note: Detach a SB in active environment. Boot the domain to Solaris or setkeyswitch to standby or off to unconfigure the board.


Random TIPS

It useful to be able to list all directories in the current directory without any of the files.
ls -l | grep "^d"

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