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Domain E encounters repeated panics caused by a corrupted default boot disk.

1. Log in to the SC with domain administrator privileges.

Obtain domain status
showplatform -d mxg5app05

Domain configurations:
Domain ID     Domain Tag     Solaris Nodename     Domain Status
E              mxg5app05        -      Solaris Panic Exit

2. Stop automatic reboot.

setkeyswitch -d E standby
setobpparams -d E 'auto-boot?=false'

3. Repost the domain.

setkeyswitch -d E off
setkeyswitch -d E on

4. Once the domain has come up to the OK prompt set NVRAM variables to a new non-corrupted boot-device. Boot in the fail safe mode or from other disk.

ok> boot -F failsafe

Mount root partition of mirror disk and edit system files vfstab, system to eliminate configuration disksuite "metadevices".

# mount /dev/dsk/c1t2d0s0 /a
# cd /a/etc
# TERM=vt100 export TERM
vi system vfstab

Check device path for boot-device
{a3} ok devalias
net /pci@bc,70.0000/pci@1/network@3,1
man-net /pci@bc,70.0000/pci@1/network@3,1
disk /pci@bc,700000/pci@1/pci@1/scsi@2/disk@0,0
mirror-disk /pci@bc,700000/pci@1/pci@1/scsi@2,1/disk@0,0
name aliases

If you want to add an alias for a disk with a path

{a3} ok show-disks
Select the second disk of mirror

{a3} ok nvalias mirror /pci@bc,700000/pci@1/pci@1/scsi@2,1/disk@2,0
                             ^ ^
                             | (pressing CNTRL-Y here will insert this line
                             | up to /sd. You must add "@target,0" where
                             | "target" is the SCSI target address. )
                             |This is the alias name referenced for the boot-device.

5. Now that you have set up a new alias for your boot device, boot the disk by typing:

boot mirror

In this case not set up the new alias only for recovery process to reconfigure metadevices of primary mirror disk.
To set boot device, the boot-device NVRAM parameter must be changed: setenv boot-device mirror.

Random TIPS

How send the output of top command a file ?

/usr/local/bin/top -o size -d1 28 >> File.out
-d1 Parameter capture 1 seg of activity. 28 Parameter number show only 28 lines of process.

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