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Security Grants

grant select on PERSON_TABLE to public with grant option;

select * from dba_tab_privs where TABLE_NAME = 'PERSON_TABLE'

select * from dba_role_privs where granted_role = 'PORTMAN_TABLE'

Resizing A Data File

alter database datafile '/u04/oradata/wpk/temp01.dbf' resize 500m;

Show All Product Information

select * from product_component_version;

Show Row Counts For All Tables That Have ANALYZE On

select owner table_name, num_rows from dba_tables where num_rows > 0

Select All Users Active In The System

select sid, serial#,user#, Username, machine, program, server, status, command, type from v$session order by username

Show What A Current User Is Doing

select sid, serial#, status, server from v$session where username = 'BROWNBH';

Create Count For All Tables

select 'Select count(*) from ' ||owner|| '.' ||table_name|| ';' from dba_all_tables order by owner, table_name

Show All Indexes

select owner, index_name, table_type, tablespace_name from dba_indexes where  owner <>'SYSTEM' and owner <> 'DBSNMP' and owner <> 'ORDSYS' and owner <> 'OUTLN' and owner <> 'SYS' and owner <> 'SYSTEM' order by owner, index_name, tablespace_name

Show All Tables

select owner, table_name, table_type, tablespace_name from dba_all_tables where owner <>'SYSTEM' and owner <> 'DBSNMP' and owner <> 'ORDSYS' and owner <> 'OUTLN' and owner <> 'SYS' and owner <> 'SYSTEM' order by owner, table_name, tablespace_name

Show Space Used

select Tablespace_Name, /*Tablespace name*/ Owner, /*Owner of the segment*/ Segment_Name, /*Name of the segment*/ Segment_Type, /*Type of segment (ex. TABLE, INDEX)*/ Extents, /*Number of extents in the segment*/ Blocks, /*Number of db blocks in the segment*/ Bytes /*Number of bytes in the segment*/ from DBA_SEGMENTS where owner <>'SYSTEM' and owner <> 'DBSNMP' and owner <> 'ORDSYS' and owner <> 'OUTLN' and owner <> 'SYS' and owner <> 'SYSTEM'

Sum Space By Owner

select owner, sum(blocks) Totalblocks, sum(bytes)TotalBytes from DBA_SEGMENTS group by owner

Sum Space by Tablespace

select tablespace_name, sum(blocks) Totalblocks, sum(bytes)TotalBytes from DBA_SEGMENTS  group by tablespace_name

Show Reads And Writes By File Name In Oracle DB

select v$ "File Name", v$filestat.phyrds "Reads", v$filestat.phywrts "Writes" from v$filestat,v$datafile where v$filestat.file# = v$datafile.file#

Show Versions Of Software

select * from V$VERSION

Identify Segments That Are Getting Close To Their Max-Extent Values

select owner,tablespace_name,segment_name,bytes,extents,max_extents from dba_segments where extents*2 > max_extents

Identifies Segments That Are Getting Close To Running Out Of Contiguous Free Space

select owner, s.tablespace_name, segment_name, s.bytes, next_extent, max(f.bytes) largest from dba_segments s, dba_free_space f where s.tablespace_name = f.tablespace_name(+) group by owner, s.tablespace_name, segment_name, s.bytes, next_extent having next_extent*2 >max(f.bytes)

Displays Archived Redo Log Information

select * from v$database  

Display Count Historical Archived Log Information From The Control File

select count(*) from v$archived_log 

select min(completion_time) from v$archived_log

Shows Current Archive Destinations

select * from v$archive_dest

Backups Of Archived Logs

select count(*) from v$backup_redolog

Display All Online Redo Log Groups For The database

select * from v$log 

Show All Datafiles For Tablespace And Oracle Stuff

select * from dba_data_files order by tablespace_name, file_name

Random TIPS

It useful to be able to list all directories in the current directory without any of the files.
ls -l | grep "^d"

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