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Random TIPS

Como convertir id_rsa keys OpenSSH a Putty .ppk sin passphrase.

La llave publica y privada id_rsa fue generada en SO UNIX/Linux, sin una passphrase.

Para poder usarla con Putty en Windows es necesario importar la llave privada con PuttyGen y guardarla como .ppk.

En putty:
Click en Conversions => Import Key Click en Save Private Key y Yes para salvar sin una passphrase.
Resguardar la nueva key.ppk en una directorio seguro para evitar que sea eliminada.
Ir a Putty en Connection => SSH => Auth y agregar en Private Key file for authentication.

Validar conectividad con llave privada.

login as: connect01
This computing system is a company owned asset and provided for the exclusive use of authorized 
personnel for business purposes. All information and data created, accessed, processed, or stored
using this system (including personal information) are subject to monitoring, auditing, or review to
the extent permitted by applicable law. Unauthorized use or abuse of this system may lead to
corrective action including termination of employment, civil and/or criminal penalties. Authenticating with public key "imported-openssh-key"

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